Comparison between Mac OS X , Windows 7 and Linux editions

           Here is a fun and arguably the best way I’ve ever heard of a comparison between (in general) a Mac, Windows and Linux OS was said through a vehicle metaphor:

OSX is a tricycle. Its safe, will get you where you want to go, and will normally only hurt you if you try to make it hurt you.

Windows is a sedan. Its popular, generally safe, and very well supported. The downside is – it can (and eventually will) hurt you a lot either through self-done damage(drove into a tree, deleted System32) or damage done by others(car accident, malware) or breaks-down (frequent OS crashing, and you are left alone on the highway trying to hitch a ride). Most popular mode of transport.

Linux is a rocket-powered go-cart. Super fast, fun when you know what you’re doing, and super customizable. God help you if you screw it up though.

Bonus: Just read this one too: Using Linux is like driving a battletank. Not everyone knows how to drive a tank, but once you learn how, holy shit! you’re driving a tank!!