Five quick windows command prompt tricks


1.    Send any Command’s Output to the Clipboard

Note: This will work for any command.

How many times have you used the ipconfig command only to copy and paste the output?  You will never have to do that again as you can simply send the output directly to the clipboard.


         ipconfig | clip


 2.    Open Command Prompt From a Folder

Do you like to open the command prompt and enter endless cd commands trying to get to the correct folder? If the answer is a NO, then you will pleased to know that you can actually save a lot of time by opening a command prompt within a folder from Windows Explorer.

All you have to do is hold SHIFT while right-clicking on a folder and the option “Open command window here” will appear in the context menu.



 3.    Command History

You most likely have been pressing the up key to get to your previous commands, but this can be a pain when you are trying to track down a particular command. One other way you can view your past command is to use the doskey command.

         doskey /history



 4.    Drag and Drop Files to Change the Current Path

Another neat trick if you are not a fan of opening a command prompt from the context menu is the ability to drag and drop folders onto the prompt and have it automatically enter the path of the folder. You’ll need to type the CD command and then drag the folder over to actually change the path, but you can use the same technique for a lot of different commands.

 5.    Run Multiple Commands In One Go

Our final trick of the day is one that many command line geeks may already know, the ability to run multiple command at once by linking them with double ampersands. You can do this with any commands and you can link up as many as you want. Eg:

         ipconfig /all  && netstat -aon


BONUS: If you want to avoid the IPv6 crap when you run ipconfig, and like to view just the IPv4 addresses, use this:

          ipconfig | find “IPv4”



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