5 questions to ask your next boss in an interview

This is a modified excerpt from the article:


 1) Ask your potential boss to tell you about his background

It goes without saying, everyone’s career is a little bit different but, as you’ve noticed, it can be hard to communicate with someone who has never stood in your shoes, or who did your current work so long ago that the issues and challenges involved have been lost in the past. Try to find any common interests, technologies, challenges.


 2) Ask yourself some critical questions about the person you’ll be working for. What do you hope to learn from this boss? Can you see him or her as a coach or a mentor? It’s often difficult to work for long with a manager who has little professional value to bring to the relationship.


 3) Ask what are the 5 best things you have learnt in the time in this company (or during his career). Also, 5 things you like about this project and 5 things you like least.


4) Ask about the key attributes they’re looking for. What would a successful candidate bring to the job? 

Any mismatch of characteristics could possibly be a flag for future expectations. If the manager expects you to shepherd the minions everyday or to put in 12-hour days or work on weekends, and if its not your kinda thing or may be you have a family/kids to care of, you have been warned here. 


5) Ask the manager to describe his favorite underlings, past or present. “A question like, ‘Can you tell me about the characteristics and behaviors of an employee who met or exceeded your expectations?’ will give you some useful insights into what this manager values most.”

If the response is, ‘They worked every night until 8 p.m. to get the job done, without complaining,’ and you value time with your family, then you know it won’t be a good fit.

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