She Got The Promotion. You Didn’t. Here’s Why. –

She Got The Promotion. You Didn’t. Here’s Why.

The word just came down about that promotion. You didn’t get it. She did.

Frankly, you’re shocked. And baffled to boot. Her, not you? You can hardly believe it.

Here’s why she got the promotion and you didn’t.

TIP #1: You’re not empathetic enough.

We’ll give you this. You sure played by the rules. You read the job description, and since day one you’ve done everything you can to fulfill it. You learned X and polished your Y skills, networked with the ABCs and even upped your pay grade.

But all you did was fill a slot, and now you learned that’s not enough. 

Your failure: a lack of empathy. You never put yourself in your boss’s head and got a 360-degree view of what your boss wanted. You became your idea of the perfect employee, and why would your boss give you a promotion for that?

TIP #2: You didn’t sell yourself.

Man, is it easy to point the finger at someone else, to shirk responsibility, to blame anyone but yourself for your glaring failure. You thought that doing enough was enough. You thought what you did would be recognized without you pointing it out to anyone. You thought operating your career path like a circling helicopter would get you somewhere.

You forgot to sell you at work.

She sold herself like a pro and the boss bought it.

TIP #3: It’s not you, it’s her.

So, you feel like a loser. Or you’re pissed. Or you’re humiliated. 

This sucks, you think on the train home from work, in bed waiting to fall asleep, eating a breakfast burrito.

Or, you know, maybe she’s just good. Maybe she’s just really, really good at what she does. Maybe you could learn from her. Maybe if you asked her how she scored that promotion, how she does what she does, how she can help you do what you do, you’d get over feeling sorry for yourself when you’re not resenting her, and, after all this wasted time, you’d learn how to get a promotion.

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  • Victoria PynchonVictoria Pynchon, Contributor 4 days ago

    Spot on.

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  • Jappreet SethiJappreet Sethi 1 day ago

    One of the best ways to stand our positively from the rest of the crowd – and therefore increase your chances of getting a promotion – is by helping your colleagues. Take time out each week to help someone facing problems. This is a sure-fire way of getting yourself noticed, because very few employees do it. Offer guidance on specific tasks and help them to organize their work better. Going over and beyond the call of duty in such a way will soon get you noticed by someone in management.

    Jappreet Sethi

    Follow on Twitter @HR_Whiz

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  • whrosenwhrosen 5 hours ago

    TIP #4: She’s seeing the boss on the side.

    If the person passed over is shocked and baffled there are probably other things going on. I have yet to work in a place where there was not an agenda of this sort in office politics. Usually people know about it but the perpetrator is unaware of just how many or the demoralization it causes. Look at that bozo (just fired CEO) that drove Best Buy from Forbes company of the year a few years back into the ground. He was having solo meetings with a female for two hours in locked conference rooms.

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