Resources to prepare for VCP 510

Resources to prepare your VCP exam – VCP 510

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VCP  510 Resources – not exhaustive list of resources and links:

As I need to refresh my VMware VCP certification to the latest vSphere 5 with the VCP 510 exam – VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manager [V5.0] , I decided to create this blog post where I will put all the available documents and materials together with the experience of users which are already passed this exam. The experiences of other VMware users which passed this exam and who compared this exam to the previous exams like the VCP 3 and VCP 4 saying that this exam is more experience based exam.

Just to remind you the VMware class is necessary for new people without VCP certification. People which are already VCP 4, they have until end of February 2012 to pass the VCP 5 exam without the need of going through the class again. Or you can take the What’s New [V5.0] course – read my article on that here.

I will update this post after I will pass my exam (will be scheduled at the beginning of February 2012). I will be able to compare to my VCP 4 exam which I passed back in 2009.

UPDATE: I just passed the VCP 510 this morning. With success. My thoughts on the VCP 5 exam? It’s definitely more complex, more tough than the VCP 4. It’s based on lab or real life experiences, so impossible to pass this exam by relying on dumps. You need to know your stuff. (No need for Config Maximums – I had one question only). Several times with several questions you need to imagine the vSphere Client interface in front of you in order to be able to reply correctly your questions (storage views for example….).

I haven’t had any CLI commands – or maybe one…not sure.  But one really need to know vDS and vSS for example, the fail-over order in different situations (here I can recommend TrainSignal VCP 5 course – lesson 20 – where vDS with its policies are explained).

What I used to prepare myself? A mix of everything…. I used my lab, Trainsignal vSphere 5 training courses – read my full review, and also as a guide line the latest Exam Blueprint and Blueprint notes made by several bloggers (especially @amauro’s ). Read the blueprint and if you feel that you don’t have enough knowledge for some topic – don’t wait to get questioned about this during your exam. You can be almost sure that you’ll get question on that !

I think that especially the experience one can get in a lab or in real life is very hard to “learn”. But one can usually start with some theoretical knowledge first, but then you must validate it in the lab or in production if you can…

It’s been a great test exam and I’m glad to be VCP 5 now.

End of update….  🙂

There is many more resources of course, If you find that your particular blog page is not present, just drop a comment below…


The VCP 5 resources post could be divides into several sections:

Official VMware Learning Courses – VMware Education provides high quality learning courses which are accessible Online or by attending VMware Class. Those courses are not free of course, but those are the best courses provided by certified trainers and in case you’re not VCP yet, you’ll have to take a class anyway.

VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manager [V5.0]
VMware vSphere: What’s New in vSphere 5


Multimedia Training – DVD’s and Online Training

VMware vSphere 5 DVD Training by TrainSignal – David Davis and Elias Khnaser brought us the best possible Computer based training course – I’m using it at the moment to prepare my exam at the moment.

New: I have watched this training course from TrainSignal. You can read my review here


VCP Blueprints with notes – this section contains the VCP blueprint (different versions) with the notes of different VMware Admins as they studied for the exam:

VCP5 blueprint with study notes – Engish version (Andrea Mauro – – PDF
Comparing VCP 4 and VCP 5 blueprints – Damian Karlson –
Mike Preston – Langer – Jason Langer’s Blog  
VCP 5 Exam Blueprint Deep Dive
 – Josh Coen
VCP 5 blueprint – latest – 1.4 – The original


VCP 510 Exam Experiences:

One of the first on the official exam –
My VMware VCP5 Beta Exam Experience–
Eric Sloof’s VCP5 exam experience – Eric Sloof –
Scott Vessey’s exam experience
 – Scott Vessey –
VCP 5 exam experience – by Jason –
Virtual Nomad VCP 5 Exam experience–
VCP 5 Exam Experience – MalaysiaVM–
Passed! – Vidad Cosonok
VCP 5 Beta Exam – a Pass – but it aint easy – Maish Saidel Keesing
VCP 5 Exam: Passed!
 – Jason Ventresco
VCP 5 Exam Experience –
Virtual Nomad VCP 5 experience –
vPrimer Exam Thoughts and Experience –
vMechanic Exam Experience –
Gregg Robertson’s exam experience – – Gregg Robertson
My VCP 5 Exam Experience –
VCP 5 Exam – a Few Thoughts –
My VCP 5 Exam beta Experience –
PASSED VCP 5 EXAM!!! – Virtual Jay –
VCP 5 Exam Experience – Marek Zdrojewski –
Passed my VCP 5 test –
VCA4-DT and VCP5 Exam Reviews – Jason Boche –
My VCP 5 Exam Experience – Michael –
My VCP 5 Exam Review – Paul McSharry –
VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 – VCP510 Exam tips – Eiad Al-Aqqad –
My personal VCP 5 Experience – Niels Engelen –
My VCP5 Exam Experience – Mike Preston –

If you just passed your exam, you can contact me on Twitter and I’ll add you to the list: @vladan


Community Resources – VMware community page

VMware’s VMTN VCP 5 Forum


VCP 5 Practice Exams – those are the online exams where you can test yourself. The questions are just test question, not the ones that you’ll be given at the day “D”.

The official VMware VCP5 Mock Exam  – – (you’ll need a VMware Learning account)
VCP 5 Practice Exams – Simon Long –
Kalen Ardnt VCP5 Quiz – (site down today, will update later)
vSphere 5 Configuration Maximums Practice tests series – Paul McSharry –


Reference Card by Forbes Guthrie:

vSphere 5 vReference card – Forbes Guthrie –


VCP Study Notes html pages and blog posts:

vSphere 5 study notes for VCP 510 –




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